Orion Series

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  • 6V Battery Charger

    Orion 6V Battery Charger

    Wall Charger, for 6V Battery, 7.3VDC, 1.3A output

    • $25.00
  • 6V SLA Orion Battery

    Orion 6 Volt SLA Battery

    The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.
    This new technology provides the following benefits compared to old technology wet batteries:

    * Maintenance-free
    * Sealed no leak design
    * Higher cranking amps
    * Lower self discharge
    * Greater vibration resistance
    * Heavy duty, no corrosion terminals
    Pre-wired for use in your BuckEye Cam

    • $35.00
  • 3 Element Yagi High Gain Antenna 6dBi

    Solid upgrade over standard antenna!

    • 109-0031 8" High Gain Yagi Antenna with 6dBi
    • Built in 9' cable
    • Excellent Getting Transmission Into Those Tough Spots
    • $45.00
  • Orion Replacement Enclosure
    • 25% off

    Orion Replacement Enclosure

    Replacement Enclosure for the Orion Series Cameras

    Works for all series Orion Cameras

    • $45.00
  • 6V Solar Panel Kit High Output

    6V Solar Panel with Bracket (ORION ONLY)

    For use with the Orion Camera & the Orion Battery Bank

    • $135.00
  • Orion PC Base

    ORION PC Base Kit

    Works with the ORION Camera or the Apollo Camera upgraded to Wireless

    Includes:(1) PC Base & Accessories

    • $395.00