Livecam Subscription (yr)

LiveCam gives you the ability to view your pictures online from anywhere in the world!

Basic Livecam Subscription (select upgrade options) 

  • 2 cameras
  • 45 pictures per camera
  • $100.00

LiveCam Basic Subscription-(1 year)

LiveCam gives you the ability to view pictures from your camera(s) online. All you need to have to add livecam feature to your system is an internet connection at the computer running your cameras. If you have internet there you can add livecam to your system. Once livecam is added to your software you can select which cameras (or all of them) you want to be visible online.  Keep in mind all accounts are private, so only the people you give the link to can view your pictures. 

How LiveCam works: 

Your pictures (or videos) are received at your base and then a copy of each picture is sent to your private LiveCam account hosted on our secure server. The sequence is automatically updated to keep the most recent pictures on your LiveCam. So if you have the basic account the most recent 45 pictures will show up on each camera. When you visit your LiveCam page you will see some brief information regarding each camera such as camera number, text field and last time and date it updated. To view your pictures just click on the camera icon to view pictures from that camera. 

Sample Livecam Page

(A separate subscription is required for each Base Station)

Basic Subscription includes:

2 cameras
45 pictures per camera will be shown

You can upgrade options by using drop down list above.

    • SKU
  • Livecam
    2 cams 45 pics per cam (LC-2-45), 30 cams 90 pics per cam (LC-30-90), 30 cams 180 pics per cam (LC-30-180, 60 cams 180 pics per cam (LC-60-180), 60 cams 300 pics per cam (LC-60-300)

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