Cloud LiveCam Services

Several Cloud options available for All BuckEye Cam System users

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  • Livecam Subscription (yr)

    LiveCam gives you the ability to view your pictures online from anywhere in the world!

    Basic Livecam Subscription (select upgrade options) 

    • 2 cameras
    • 45 pictures per camera
    • $100.00
  • Interactive Cloud Subscription (yr)

    Interactive Cloud Site for CellBase Users

    • Annual Subscription 
    • Log in and control your entire system online from anywhere in the world!
    • No dedicated computer required
    • Mobile Device Friendly
    • Automatic Email feature built in
    • Hot Links for fast Hog Trap Gate Triggering and Gate Operation
      • Works Powered Gates and Trap Gate Control
    • Username and Password Protected 
    • Includes an annual LiveCam subscription
    • $450.00