Interactive Cloud Subscription (yr)

Interactive Cloud Site for CellBase Users

  • Annual Subscription 
  • Log in and control your entire system online from anywhere in the world!
  • No dedicated computer required
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Automatic Email feature built in
  • Hot Links for fast Hog Trap Gate Triggering and Gate Operation
    • Works Powered Gates and Trap Gate Control
  • Username and Password Protected 
  • Includes an annual LiveCam subscription
  • $450.00

Interactive Site CellBase Subscription Known as the "Interactive Site".....

Basically, the Interactive Site gives you all the same features as the standard software with the added convenience of not having to have a dedicated computer running all the time. The software that controls your entire system operates on our secure server.  
You just log into your account (from any device with an internet connection) and control the system the same as you would using the standard software. Check all your wireless devices, make changes, trigger cameras, etc. just like you would with the standard software except when you are done you simply log off.
 The Virtual system will continue to operate on it's own 24/7!

* "Hot Link" feature for the BuckEye Cam hog trap users gives the user a quick way to drop the trap gate from just about any mobile device. 

Every hog trap has a camera paired to it so when you receive an email from that camera there will also be a link you can click to "drop the gate". See something in the picture you want to trap and just click the link and the trap gate drops!
This will also trigger the camera to take and email a video at the same time so you will be able to see what you have trapped! 

The standard interactive site annual subscription includes control of up to 30 cameras and stores up to 300 pictures/videos per camera (upgrade options available)

    • SKU
  • Interactive Site Options
    30 cams 300 pics per cam (IS-30-300), 30 cams 600 pics per cam (IS-30-600), 60 cams 600 pics per cam (IS-60-600)

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