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  • Earth Anchor Kit

    Earth Anchors kit comes with everything you need to securely anchor antenna mast.
    Constructed of heavy duty powder-coated steel, and featuring an innovative corkscrew design, these anchors can be quickly installed by screwing them into the ground. 

    The kit includes 3 earth auger anchors 3 clamp-on wire tie-downs

    Cranking tool, such as a pipe is needed for a secure installation of the earth anchors.

    • $175.00
  • Guy Wire Kit (3 Wire Set)

    This Guy Wire Kit includes: 50' of 6/20 plastic coated guy wire, three s-hooks, six tiller clamps, three 1/4-inch turnbuckles, and one guy clamp.  

    Key Features

    • Secures large antennas atop tall masts to reduce sway caused by winds
    • Adjustable guy ring in for antenna masts up to 2-1/4" outer diameter
    • Heavy-duty steel design resists corrosion
    • Made in the USA
    • Mast not included
    • $225.00
  • 900mHz Bandpass Filter

    Model 17965W ISM Bandpass Filter.

    This bandpass filter allows smooth operation within the (902-928) MHz ISM band by providing superior attenuation of other services operating above or below the ISM band (e.g. cellular phone providers).  

    • $1100.00